For Wildlife enquiries please contact

The Vale WildLife Centre 01386 882288



Become a  Trustee.

Every registered charity in the UK must be governed by a Board of Trustees. Trustees can be almost anyone, they are members of the public who have been voted on to a committee to take responsibility for overseeing the effective running of the charity. This means they are responsible for ensuring it is financially sound, well run and delivers the charitable outcomes and goals that have been set.


Trustees must be 18 or over and must not be disqualified as a company director or have been convicted of an offence involving dishonesty, deception or animal cruelty/neglect.


In addition you need to become a member of the National RSPCA. Trustees are committed to the  objectives of the RSPCA.


“ To promote kindness and to prevent or supress cruelty to animals and to

carry out all such acts as the RSPCA may consider to be conductive or

incidental to the attainment of those objectives”



We would welcome volunteers to help with socialising and grooming the cats for whatever time you can give..

It is so rewarding to help the cats who have been abused, neglected, abandoned or just unwanted. 

Also, we would be delighted to hear from you if you could sponsor a cat pen at £5 a month. This will help our branch to continue taking in rescued felines most in need from the Worcestershire area. 


Home visitors -It is branch policy to a pre home check on every animal rehomed by the branch. Every year our branch finds new homes for over 400 animals. To continue do this we are in desperate need of more home visitors. You need to be a car driver, with a clean licence. Training and support is given in this role prior to you first visiting on your own.


Collectionection Box co-ordinator. - One of the many ways in which we raise the much needed funds to continue and enhance our re-homing, is to place and remove Collectionection box’s in suitable venues. Margaret who has filled this vital role for over 15 years is retiring and we need someone to fill her shoes. You would need to be a car driver, and keep a spread sheet of boxes and their placements.


Lost and Found co-ordinator. - We keep a file of lost and found animals, which we check against animals reported to us, or are brought to us as strays. This is a time consuming role as the  lost and found sites need to be checked on a daily basis. This is a role that can be done from home, all that is needed is a computer.


If you  are interested in any of this voluntary roles, then please contact Pamela on 01905 841354.


Fundraising via your own Event - You may prefer direct involvement by organising your own event. A Fete, a sponsored dress down day at the office or at school. We have information packs available for you to organise your own Pub Quiz or Coffee Morning.


Whatever you decide to do let us know at RSPCA Worcester & Mid-Worcestershire and we will put up your event on our Events Page and Fundraising Page.


Not able to take animals but would like to help out?  Do you have a digital camera and transport?  If yes you could help by being one of our volunteers who take photographs of our animals to put on websites.  It's one of our best ways of enabling adopters to see our lovely bunnies, cats, dogs, rats etc. and find them a new home.  Don't believe it when they say never work with children or animals!!

'When people give up their animals they usually give up the hutches as well, but we are currently unable to accept the hutches as we have no way of  transporting them. We would welcome anyone with a van or trailer who could spare an hour once every six weeks or so. Fuel costs would obviously be reimbursed at Branch rates.